A Touch of Rome "Ad Victoriam" Temple

Christie's / Lot 180 / March 2017 / Sold for £21,250 ($27,000 USD)
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The Christie's temple above was built in the mid-20th Century (1950's).  When comparing the Corinthian Capitals above the columns, one can notice a large difference in the quality of detail.

Notice also the visible gaps above the Corinthian Capitals and the difference in column width.

In comparison, our "Ad Victoriam" temple has Corinthian Capitals which actually have true and correct detail.  All aspects of our miniature temples have consistent height, width, and seamless fits - there are no visible gaps.

This Christie's temple has serious errors:  The temple entablature is incorrect especially the frieze detail; the tympanum is empty, the cornice is virtually absent, the roof tiles are enormous and incorrect.  We offer a high quality and accurate temple at a fraction of the price - this represents very good value.